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Long Multicolor Baltic Amber Earrings

Baltic amber is a fossil resin produced by pine trees in the Baltic region. The resin contains succinic acid that gives these semi-precious stones their therapeutic anti-fever and anti-inflammatory quality. The beads release microscopic amounts of oil that is absorbed into the skin and bloodstream as they warm with the body's natural temperature.

• Polished Baltic amber
• 925 silver hardware
• Size: 5.5*8.4mm | 0.21*0.33"
• Certified high-quality amber from Lithuania

Please note that the earrings are not identical as each piece of amber is unique and slightly different. 

    Amber may be cleaned with a special polishing cloth, do not use a brush or rubber cleaning tools. Keep away from heat to prevent the amber color from fading. At the same time, it is safe for amber to come into contact with water and weak detergents.


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